Preparing the GE Notice of Appointment and Payroll Request Form

Hiring units must complete and submit to the Graduate School the following two documents (paper-clipped together) for every GE appointment and reappointment by the established deadline for the term of appointment in order to ensure that GEs are paid on-time and receive their tuition and fees at the start of the term, and appear on the GE insurance eligibility list by the start of their appointment: a Notice of Appointment (informally known as a GE contract) and a Payroll Request Form (PRF). This page outlines how to complete these forms, where to find them, and things to keep in mind.

DEADLINES Submit your PRFs and Contracts by:

Fall appointments

Third Friday in July

Winter appointments

Second Friday in November

Spring appointments

Second Friday in February

Summer appointments

Second Friday in May


Dean’s Office Review: Please check with your school/college dean’s office regarding internal requirements and deadlines. With the exception of the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) and administrative units, all appointment contract-PRF pairs must first be checked by your dean's office before being forwarded to the Graduate School. The Graduate School, after processing each PRF, will forward it to the Payroll Office. CAS departments must route summer teaching appointment contract-PRF pairs through their dean’s office.

Missing the Deadline: Units that submit a PRF-contract pair after the established deadline should notify the GE that their first paycheck, as well as their tuition remission and fee subsidy, may be delayed. Simply signing the appointment contract does not guarantee on-time pay.


A GE whose financial aid has been applied to tuition before their tuition remission has been processed should be advised to take their copy of the signed GE appointment contract to the Student Billing Office (Oregon Hall). The GE's financial aid disbursement can be manually released.

Step-by-Step Guide to Completing the Fields on the PRF Correctly

Job Change Reason

For multiple changes to a reappointment, select Reappointment. If the PRF is for multiple changes to an existing appointment, select Multiple Job Changes.

Name and UO ID

Please use the correct, full name of the student as well as the ID number found in Banner.


Fall, winter, spring: Teaching- BUOG9T; Research- BUOG9R; Administrative- BUOG9A.

Summer: Teaching- BUOGSS; Research- BUOGSO; Administrative- BUOGSO.

Please consult your dean's office to determine the appropriate position for a GE with multiple duties (e.g., .20 FTE teaching, .20 FTE research in a given term).

Effective Date, Job End Date

During the academic year, most GEs should be appointed along the standard GE payroll dates: fall- 9/16-12/15; winter- 12/16-3/15; spring- 3/16-6/15; academic year- 9/16-6/15; summer (research/administrative)- 6/16-9/15.

See below for summer teaching appointment start and end dates.

Appt % (FTE)

Please be sure the FTE here matches the FTE on the appointment contract

Monthly Salary

This will auto populate. Please be sure the monthly salary here matches the salary that your unit pays. Here is the calculation: Annual Rate/9 x FTE

Base Rate

This will auto populate. Please verify your unit’s annual rate—be sure to enter the rate for the appropriate GE level (I, II, III).

GE: Type and Grade Level

Select student level for Type; select appropriate Grade (type of appointment, plus GE level (e.g., “Teach Lvl 3”).

FWSU boxes

Enter the FTE and monthly salary into the appropriate terms. Monthly Salary will auto calculate.

Tuition Code

Once you've entered a 95# the tuition code will auto populate. If your student does not auto populate with a tuition code, they may not be fully admitted through the admissions office.

Labor Distribution

See guidelines on Banner Guide for details and codes; refer to info on Splitting Labor Distribution and GE Summer Teaching Overload as needed.


Department Representative

Please be sure to put a department representative in this field if you would like their name to appear on the students contract.


If the GE is funded on a grant, Sponsored Projects Services requires the PI's to sign off on the expenditure. This is now an internal procedure for each department. SPS does not have access to your DuckDocs account. The departmental authorizer is listed at the bottom of your EPRF after you've put in the student's 95# and your time entry org. Please make sure the department authorizer is correct before submitting EPRFs through DuckDocs.

Submitting the Appointment Contract and PRF: Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Before submitting your EPRFS through DuckDocs, confirm your dates and salary rates for each EPRF.
  2. All EPRFs will pass through the Graduate School queue. This includes BUOGOP/stipend EPRFs.  After they have been reviewed by the Graduate School, they will be forwarded to the Payroll Office. (Only GE PRFs for labor distributions can go directly to Payroll.)
  3. Don’t withhold EPRFs  because of eligibility for a level increase eligibility that’s not yet finalized. Put the EPRF through with the lower rate. Levels and appropriate pay can be settled retroactively. It is important that initial appointments and reappointments not be slowed down.
  4. Don’t withhold EPRFs and  because of grant fund index availability.There are two ways to work around this issue:
    • Request an Advance Account # (if allowed by the grant): Principal Investigators (PIs) should check with Sponsored Project Services about requesting authorization to spend funds in support of a sponsored project prior to receiving a notice of an award. Such costs would be considered necessary to conduct the project and would be allowable under the grant, if awarded, without prior approval. Approval allows a department to set up an advanced grant/contract account number while waiting for the award/funds to arrive. The form requires the PI’s signature as well as that of the department head as the PI must identify another funding source (typically an ICC or departmental account) to cover the risk of a delayed start date, costs disallowed by the sponsor or failure of the sponsor to make an award as anticipated.
    • Use a Department Index: Another option available to departments is to pay GEs on a departmental index. Once the grant funds are awarded and the index is set-up, departments would then process a Payroll Accounting Adjustment to redistribute the payroll expense. If the quarter has closed, departments will need to submit a Payroll Accounting Adjustment form and a Cost Transfer Justification form.
  5. If you have questions about the EPRF, please call the Graduate School (541-346-5129), or Keri Bartow, Payroll Office (541-346-1101).

When Not to Use a EPRF

  • Do not use a PRF for tuition remission and fee payments, financial aid awards, or non-work related stipends for GEs.
  • Do not use an EPRF for GE labor distributions. Please send those directly to Payroll using the paper PRF form.
  • If a GE is to receive student hourly wages in addition to their GE appointment, do not include these on this PRF. Please note, however, that all students are limited during the academic year to a maximum of .49 FTE whether they are paid via a GE assignment, student wages, or both. Student wage paperwork questions may be referred to Holly Cook, Student Payroll Clerk (x6-1107)
  • The mandatory training that each new GE must take at the beginning of their first term as a GE should not be paid through PRF. The Graduate School handles this completely, and pays the GEs through an alternate index.
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