Required Graduate Employee (GE) Trainings

New Graduate Employees are required to complete two trainings: (1) Mandatory GE training and (2) the Workplace Harassment and Discriminiation Prevention Training.

Mandatory GE Training

The Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the UO and the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation (GTFF) requires that all Graduate Employees must complete four hours of required employment training during the first academic term in which a GE begins their first GE appointment.

This training will address employment topics such as inclusive work environments, discrimination and sexual harassment policies, and other employee-related policies.

The training will be provided on-line in Canvas. GEs will be sent an invitation to join the Canvas class at the beginning of the first term of GE employment.

GEs will be compensated for completing the training with a stipend equivalent to four hours of pay at the GE level I minimum rate.

If the training is not completed in the first term of a student’s GE appointment, a cautionary letter will be placed in the GE’s personnel file. If the GE fails to attend the training in the second term of their appointment, their GE appointment will end at the close of that term, and the appointment will not be renewed.

Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training

All GEs are required to complete the mandatory Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training within 90 days of beginning employment.

The training is a web-based training designed to provide consistent baseline information and covers types of workplace harassment and discrimination, reporting obligations, and resources that are available to all employees.

The training may be done during working hours.