Graduate Employee (GE) Paid and Unpaid Absences

Paid Sick Days

GEs accrue two paid sick days for every term of a GE appointment. During the first appointment term in any school year, they also accrue one additional sick day.

GEs can accrue a maximum of ten work days of sick leave.

Paid Sick Day Policy - CBA Article 29

Short-Term Absences (Five Working Days or Less)

All GEs should be familiar with the absence notification procedure outlined in their hiring unit’s GDRS and should be prepared work with their supervisor to identify how and when missed time can be made up.

Paid Sick Day Policy

Longer-Term Absences (More than Five Working Days)

If a GE misses or is going to miss more than five days in a term, the GE or their designee must contact the Graduate School.

The Graduate School will coordinate with the GE and employing unit on any adjustment due to the GEs absence.

The Graduate School can also assist in determining eligibility for family and medical leave pursuant to Article 29, Section 7 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement..

Family and Medical Leave for GEs

GEs may be eligible for up to 12 weeks of unpaid family and medical leave pursuant to Article 29, Section 7 of the UO-GTFF Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Request Family and Medical Leave

To request consultation about absences, contact Jered Nagel, assistant dean of academic affairs.