Doctoral Residency Requirements

Doctoral candidates must complete at least one full-time academic year—the residency year. This year of residency will occur after the student has been admitted as a student in a doctoral program.

During this year of residency, the student is expected to make progress toward the degree by completing course credits and satisfying doctoral degree requirements.

The residency year consists of 3 consecutive terms of full-time University of Oregon coursework toward the degree, with a minimum of 9 completed graduate credits a term.

Courses in Research (601), Reading and Conference (605), and other individualized study options may be a part of the nine credits, but the majority of the year of residency is expected to consist of regular graduate course work.

The year of residency is expected to be the first year after admission as a doctoral student.

A doctoral student may fulfill the residency requirement during the period in which the student works toward a master's degree on the university campus as long as the student has been officially awarded the master's degree, the doctoral degree program immediately follows the master's degree program, and both the master's degree and the doctoral degree are in the same major.

Doctoral Transfer Credits