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Faculty and Staff

General Duties and Responsibilities Statements (GDRS)

The collective bargaining agreement (CBA) requires that every graduate employee (GE) hiring unit maintain a general duties and responsibilities statement (GDRS) that outlines the GE hiring, appointment/reappointment, and evaluation procedures that are followed in each hiring unit.

GDRS documents are updated once a year. They are submitted each May to the Graduate School for review and approval.

Once approved, the GDRS is posted on the General Duties and Responsibilities Statement (GDRS) page. Departments wishing to post their GDRS on their own site, should link directly to the Graduate School's GDRS page and not post the document/PDF directly.

Become a Better Mentor

Learning how to be an effective mentor is a skill that anyone can obtain. Review some material from various graduate resources on how to be the best mentor.

Best Practices in Mentoring

Recruitment Support for Departments

Coming Soon! Check back later for more information.

Excellence Awards

In 2011, the Graduate School developed the Excellence Award for Directors of Graduate Studies and the Excellence Award for Graduate Coordinators as a way both to recognize the good work of the faculty and staff who lead and manage graduate programs, and to provide a venue for identifying and disseminating best practices that enhance the overall quality of graduate education at the University of Oregon. In 2012, we added a third award, Excellence Award for Outstanding Mentorship in Graduate Studies, to honor faculty and staff who provide the strong mentorship that is essential to strong graduate programs.

Institutional Priority and Strategic Alliance (IP/SA)

The Graduate School provides central funding for two types of graduate employee (GE) positions:

  • Appointments that support institutional priorities (IP)
  • Appointments that involve a strategic alliance (SA) between an administrative office and an academic program

Funding requests for 2019-20 through the Graduate School’s IP/SA graduate employee (GE) program are CLOSED.

The application cycle for 2020-21 positions will open in late Fall 2019.

IP/SA GE Appointments

Training and Systems Access

The Graduate School offers a variety of trainings on topics including DuckDocs, GradWeb, payroll, admissions, and academic policies and procedures.

More Information

Adding or Revising a Graduate Program

There are four potential stages of review for new or revised graduate programs—college level, university level, state level, and external review. The nature of the proposal will determine which stages of review are required.

Curriculum Changes

Graduate School Programming Support Request

The Graduate School is pleased to consider requests to support programming and events that benefit graduate students.

Requests are due by week 4 of each term.

Submit Programming Support Request