Interdisciplinary Studies: Individualized Program

General Information

The Interdisciplinary Studies:  Individualized Program (IS:IP) at the University of Oregon is a flexible, but academically rigorous master's degree program.  Working within the established guidelines of the program, students plan a course of study specifically designed to explore their interests and work with a faculty committee to pursue and complete their program.  The success of the program relies heavily upon the individual initiative and self-discipline of each student and the commitment of the student's master's committee.

Admission to the IS:IP major is selective; the program is intended to meet the needs of students who have particular, well articulated goals which cannot be reached through established departmental master's degree programs. Students may select course work from three departments in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), from three professional schools, or from a combination of professional schools and CAS departments. Although considerable flexibility is allowed in the design of a program, in all cases, the curriculum must be composed of existing courses from three different departments that grant the master’s degree. Students may have only one component from any one professional school.  Students wishing to undertake a program using two areas from a single professional school are advised to explore a master's program within that school. A list of programs eligible to be used as part of an IS:IP program of study is available here.

A student's IS:IP course of study shall not substantially duplicate an already established departmental master's degree program, nor should the IS:IP be considered an alternate method of pursuing a program to which a student has already been denied admission. Although considerable flexibility is allowed in the design of a program, in all cases, the curriculum must be composed of existing courses from three different departments that grant a master’s degree.

Applicants are considered for admission to the program on the basis of several criteria:  academic qualifications, statement of purpose, academic merit of proposed course work, and availability of faculty advisers within the University. 

IS:IP shall culminate in an integrative terminal project or master's thesis which incorporates the three program areas selected by the student.  The IS:IP course plan shall also meet the University of Oregon Graduate School's requirements for a master's degree, which are given in detail in the Universityof Oregon Catalog.  Either the Master of Science or the Master of Arts degree may be earned in IS:IP.  The Master of Arts degree requires current foreign language proficiency equivalent to second year college level.


Please address inquiries about the program to the IS:IP Coordinator:

TELEPHONE: 541-346-5129
IN-PERSON: Susan Campbell Hall, Ground Floor
IS:IP Coordinator
Graduate School
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR  97403-1219
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