Charges for GE Summer Tuition and Insurance

photo: sunset and grassTuition and Insurance

During the summer term, it is not possible to attach charges for tuition and health insurance to the “real time” payroll/salary charges as we do during the academic year. This is due to a number of reasons: (1) the variable nature of enrollment in the summer term (GEs are not required to be enrolled full-time during summer); (2) the varied eligibility requirements for the GE summer tuition waiver; and (3) health insurance is offered not only to summer GEs, but also to those continuing students who had GE appointments in the previous spring.
Tuition and insurance will be charged monthly, to the extent possible, with 1/3 of the term’s cost for tuition and insurance charged in June, 1/3 in July, and 1/3 in August. In early September, GE payroll, enrollment and tuition data will be reviewed by Budget and Resource Planning/Business Affairs and charges for tuition and health insurance will be reconciled and any necessary adjustments made. Please contact Budget and Resource Planning with questions.
Learn more about eligibility for, and costs associated with, the GE summer tuition waiver.
All graduate students enrolled in GE health insurance in the summer are required to pay a portion of their premiums as determined by (and outlined in) the UO-GTFF collective bargaining agreement. Read more about grad students'  insurance options. The per-person cost to units for summer GE health insurance subsidy is based on a weighted average of the previous summer’s enrollment and the current summer's bargained University contribution to GE health insurance.

Spring GEs must either have a Summer GE position, or be continuing with enrollment or an approved leave of absence in their graduate program during the following Fall term, in order to qualify for Summer GE insurance. . 

Mandatory Fees and Access to Student Services during Summer Term

During summer term, all graduate students, including those with GE appointments, who enroll are responsible for paying 65% of their mandatory fees. Many student services are funded by mandatory fees paid by registered students.

GEs who do not register for credit, and therefore do not pay mandatory fees, may continue to access these student services:

  • Computer Labs-- Access to labs run by UO Information Technology may be used if the GE was registered the previous spring term.
  • Email Account and Duck ID-- Access is available if the GE was registered in the previous spring and will be registered in the following fall.
  • UO Health Center-- Non-registered students must pay a nominal fee and have been registered the previous spring to access services.
  • UO Libraries-- All privileges are intact in summer term.
  • LTD bus pass-- The UO ID card continues to serve as an LTD bus pass on the basis of GE summer employment.


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