Hiring a GE from a Different College

All academic units have budgeted for tuition costs based on their own major’s tuition. However, it is sometimes necessary to hire a GE from outside a unit’s own school/college. Here is an example of how a unit will be held harmless when hiring a student whose major has a higher tuition than that of the program in which he/she has been hired:

In Fall 2017, Biology hires a College of Design student as a GE. Biology has budgeted $4842 per quarter for GE tuition, but the College of Design student’s tuition will cost $5299. Biology will be charged $5299 and the student will receive a remission of $5299. However, the index charged will be reimbursed $457, the difference, from a central Graduate School source.


Reimbursement Process and Limitations. If your unit makes a cross-college hire and you anticipate being charged a higher tuition than what you’ve budgeted for, please notify the Graduate School to ensure that your index is reimbursed appropriately.  BRP will process the reimbursements each term via a budget change to the index (FOPA) identified on the PRF. 

To notify the Graduate School, please e-mail  the Cross-College GE Hire template to Lisa Howard lhoward2@uoregon.edu. This template can also be found under GE forms.

Reimbursements will be made for GE hires using General Fund and other Budgeted Operations. Units are responsible for all costs for GEs paid by sponsored grants and auxiliary/service centers and other funds.


Reimbursement Timeline. PRFs and contracts processed after September 16 (for fall), December 16 (for winter), March 16 (for spring), or June 16 (for summer) are considered late hires-- these dates are the standard appointment term start dates.

If your unit makes a cross-college hire after these standard start dates and you anticipate being charged a higher tuition than what you’ve budgeted for, please notify the Graduate School by email (lhoward2@uoregon.edu) to ensure that your index is reimbursed appropriately. The email must include the term, the student’s name and major as well as your unit’s name and the index charged. An email template for this purpose has been posted on the Graduate School website on the GE forms page. We will only consider requests received within one term after the applicable term. For example, to request reimbursement for a fall term appointment, the email must be received no later than March 15, the last day of a winter term GE appointment.



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