Health Insurance Options

At the University of Oregon, graduate students' options for health insurance fall into one of three categories:
This is, essentially, any insurance you bring with you, be it parent's or partner's insurance on which you are a dependent, government-sponsored insurance, or insurance you  have purchased on the open market.
International students are required to carry insurance and their policy/coverage must meet the University’s insurance waiver requirements. Contact the Health Center to make sure: 541-346-2832. 
This is an insurance plan that's been secured by the University Health Center. There are plans available to domestic students, international students, law students, and visiting scholars. The costs and benefits are outlined at
The term by term premium is billed to the student account.  
This plan meets the University's insurance requirements for international students and all Affordable Care Act requirements.
The university  also sponsors an insurance plan that is administered by the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation (GTFF). Students are only eligible for this insurance during terms in which they are employed as GEs. On this plan, student accounts are not billed premium costs directly. 
For information about eligibilty, visit the GE Orientation page on this site. For specific benefits and enrollment information, visit Coverage for partner/spouse and children is available. GEs pay the GTFF directly for a nominal percentage of their (and any dependents') insurance.
This plan meets the University's insurance requirements for international student and all Affordable Care Act requirements.


About the Student Health Fee and the University Health Center

Every term in which you are enrolled, you are charged a student health fee as part of your "mandatory fees." This fee entitles you to access to the University Health Center, which provides a host of comprehensive services at low cost. These include:

  • Physician and Nurse Practitioner Appointments
  • Immunizations
  • Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Services
  • X-Ray Services On-Site
  • Psychiatric, Pharmacy, and Dental Services
  • Low-Cost Over-the-Counter Products (aspirin, cold medicine, etc.)
  • Birth Control and Access to CCARE, the Oregon Contraceptive Care Program (free for those who qualify)
  • Allergies, Asthma & Diabetes Treatment
  • Lactation Support Rooms
  • Nutrition Education


Eligibility. All students who register for classes and are charged mandatory fees are eligible for services. Students who are not registered for classes in a given term are not eligible unless they pay a “stop-out” fee. Call the Health Center for details. Also not eligible are dependents and partners of students, students enrolled only in Community Education or self-support courses, faculty and staff.

Cost. Most services at the University Health Center are much less expensive than at a private health provider. The standard charge for an appointment with a physician, dentist or nurse practitioner is only $15. Some other services may be more expensive than $15, while others are available at no charge. If you have any questions about charges please be sure to ask your health care provider.

Paying for Services. Students may pay for services with cash, by check, or by asking to have the costs charged to their UO student account.  Your student account can be billed for office visit costs and all lab tests, x-rays, medications, shots, physical therapy, sports medicine, and special procedures. When your student account is charged, it is like any other university expense such as tuition, fees, library fines or parking permits. You can view your student account at anytime on Duckweb.The Health Center does not accept debit or credit cards.

Billing Insurance Companies. Currently the Health Center does not bill insurance companies. However, upon request, we can provide you with an itemized insurance billing statement that you can send to your insurance company to reimburse you for services you received at the University Health Center.


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