New Graduate Student Orientation and Mandatory GE Training

Orientation events hosted by the Graduate School are a great way to meet other graduate students and gather valuable information about the University of Oregon.

The 2019 New Graduate Student Orientation and Mandatory Graduate Employee (GE) Training will be held on Tuesday, September 24. The first half of the day will be devoted to new graduate student orientation and the second half will be devoted to mandatory GE training — if students are not also graduate employees, they are not required to attend the GE training.

New graduate students are strongly encouraged to attend the morning orientation session, including GE's in their first term. All GE's in their first term need to attend the mandatory training.  

All incoming graduate students need to RSVP for orientation.

2019 New Graduate Student Orientation Schedule

Tuesday, September 24

7:30 a.m.Registration OpensPick up your name badge, program, ticket for lunch and additional information at the registration desk.Straub— First Floor Foyer
8:30 a.m.Welcome

Michael Schill, President, University of Oregon

Andy Karduna, Associate Dean, Graduate School

Yvette Alex-Assensoh, Vice President for Equity and Inclusion, University of Oregon
Straub 156
9:00 a.m.The Graduate School as a Resource

Jered Nagel, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, Graduate School

Padma Akaaraju, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Graduate School

Lisa Howard, Director of Finance and Administration, Graduate School

Hannah Schneider-Lynch, Admissions and Recruitment Manager, Graduate School

Jess Brown, Communications Specialist, Office of the Provost/Graduate School

Straub 156
10:15 a.m.Rehearsals for Life, Abigail Leeder, Office of the Dean of Students & Rehearsals for LifeRehearsals for Life is a joint project between the UO Graduate School and the Office of the Dean of Students.  The troupe uses their own stories and experiences to find inspiration for their performances and discuss issues of power and privilege.Straub 156
11:00 a.m.Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation Introduction and Health Insurance PresentationAll Graduate Employees are encouraged to attend this information session and learn about the GTFF health insurance and GTFF membership.Straub 156
11:00 a.m.First-Year Fellows/Raymund First-Year Fellows

All First-Year Fellows and Raymund First-Year Fellows are encouraged to attend this information session to learn about UO student health insurance and other benefits of the fellowships.

Straub 252
11:00 a.m.

Coffee and Pastries for Partners of Graduate Students

Families and partners of graduate students are invited to join our Graduate Family GE, Kristen Wright, for coffee and pastries to learn about various ways to connect on and off-campus.Straub 151
11:50 a.m.

Resource Fair

The Resource Fair offers a unique opportunity for students to gain valuable insight on the various resources on campus. Organizations will range from UO Libraries, child care centers, nutrition, fitness, EMU Craft center, sexual health, and much more.Redwood Auditorium
11:50 a.m.

BBQ Lunch With Your College

Join us for a BBQ and join your colleagues at your College or School’s table. Co-sponsored by the GTFF and the University of Oregon Graduate School.EMU Ballroom

2019 Mandatory GE Training Schedule

Tuesday, September 24

1:00 p.m.University of Oregon Graduate School WelcomeAndy Karduna, Associate Dean, Graduate SchoolStraub 156
1:15 p.m.Title IX and Addressing EquityTitle IX is a federal statute guaranteeing equal access and opportunity in all higher education programs and activities. Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any term or condition of employment in higher education, in educational benefits or opportunities and access. As part of this, it prohibits a form of discrimination that is called harassment – or behaviors that discriminate on the basis of sex.Straub 156
2:15 p.m.Accessible Education Compliance

The AEC facilitates and supports access and inclusion for students with disabilities.

Assistant Vice-President for Accessibility: Hilary Gerdes, Accessible Education Center

Straub 156
2:30 p.m.Graduate Employees Policies and Procedures

Peter Fehrs, Labor Relations, Human Resources

Ali Selman, Student Conduct and Community Standards

Jim Blick, Office of the Registrar

Glenn Morris, Benefits Administrator, GTFF
Straub 156
3:30 p.m.“What I wish I knew then…..” Graduate Employee PanelA panel of graduate students will speak about their UO experiences, offer advice on transitioning to graduate school and take questions from the audienceStraub 156
4:00 p.m.Break  
4:15 p.m.Teaching GE Breakout

Karen Matson, Center for Media and Educational Technologies (CMET)

Jason Schreiner, Teaching Engagement Program (TEP)

Straub 156
4:15 p.m.Research GE BreakoutTips and strategies for getting the most from your research graduate employee appointmentStraub 245
4:15 p.m.Administrative GE BreakoutLearn about the unique roles and opportunities administrative graduate employees have and how to get the most from your appointment. Straub 251