Full-Time Equivalent (FTE)

Full-time equivalent (FTE) is a unit that indicates the workload of an employee.

At the Univeristy of Oregon, an FTE of 1.0 indicates full time or approximately 40 hours per week. An FTE of .50 indicates half time.

The maximum FTE for a GE is .49 or approximately 19.5 hours per week. GEs may be employed between .20 and .49 FTE.

GEs may work as student hourly employees. However, all work may not  exceed .49 FTE during the academic year.

To determine the hours required per term for a particular GE position with an FTE not shown here, multiply the advertised/stated FTE by 438.

Hours/Term and Hours/Week According to FTE

FTEHours per TermHours Per Week
(11 Weeks Per Term)