Graduate Employee (GE) Cost Charging Guidance

Tuition, Fees, Insurance

  • GE salary and other payroll expenses (OPE) are charged to units through payroll.

  • GE tuition, fees, and insurance are charged to the index the salary is paid from by the Business Affairs Office (BAO).

Tuition, Fees, Insurance - Summer Term

  • Students who have GE appointments in any two quarters of the preceding academic year are eligible for a summer tuition waiver.

  • The summer tuition is charged to the student’s home academic unit regardless of which department employed the GE in the academic year.

Splitting Labor Distribution

  • Tuition, fees, and insurance are charged by the Business Affairs Office (BAO) to the index from which that salary is paid.

  • Exception requests due to grant restrictions or other reasons can be directed to Phil Davis in the BAO at 6-3524.

Cross-College Hires

  • Tuition is charged to hiring departments according to the student’s program.

    If an academic department hires a student from another school/college with higher tuition, reimbursement for the amount above the hiring department’s tuition is available.

  • To receive reimbursement, note the cross-college hire on the ePRF.

  • Reimbursements will be made for GE hires using general fund and other budgeted operations.

    Units are responsible for all costs for GEs paid by sponsored grants and auxiliary/service centers and other funds.

  • Reimbursements will be processed once per term via a budget change to the index indicated on the ePRF.

  • Requests must be received within one term after the applicable term.

Support for Grant-Funded Level III GEs

  • The university provides support to grants on which Level III GEs are hired.

  • The grant index on which the GE is hired will only be charged three credits of tuition.

  • The balance of the tuition will be charged to a non-grant index specified by the school/college.

  • To request the support, note “Level III Grant Supported” on the ePRF and notify Phil Davis in the BAO at 6-3524.

Graduate School supported GEs (IP/SA, UO Dissertation Fellows)

  • Approved IP/SA positions and UO dissertation fellowship positions receive a reimbursement from the Graduate School for tuition, fees, and insurance. The budget change will be made to the index indicated on the ePRF.

  • IP/SA positions must note the IP/SA number on the ePRF.

  • UO dissertation fellowship positions must note “UO DISS” on the ePRF.