Graduate Fellow Identification and Resident Rate

Tuition may be assessed at resident rates for:

  • Doctoral-level graduate fellows or trainees (or master's level Fulbrights) whose stipends are paid through the institution via competitive training grants

  • Non-service internal fellowships (e.g., Oregon Humanities Center Dissertation Fellowship)

  • Portable external non-service fellowships (e.g., NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program, Ford Foundation Pre-doctoral and Dissertation Fellowship Program)


To be eligible, students must:

  1. Be classified as a doctoral student; if the fellowship is a Fulbright the student can be classified as master's

  2. Be receiving a training grant or external fellowship for which the monthly stipend is at least $1,500

  3. Not be appointed as a GE (including to perform research) during the term of fellowship or traineeship

  4. Be enrolled in at least three UO graduate credits toward the degree during each term of fellowship or traineeship

    Please be aware of the following:

    • Some awards specify full-time enrollment, which is met by at least nine graduate credits prior to advancement and by three credits of 603 Dissertation for advanced doctoral students

    • To qualify for federal financial aid and loan deferment, graduate students are expected to enroll in at least five credits before advancement to candidacy or three credits of 603 Dissertation for advanced doctoral students

Request Process

Units in which there is an eligible trainee or fellow must submit the graduate fellow identification and rate request form with the following:

  1. Name, student ID, UO email address, and academic program in which the trainee or fellow is enrolled

  2. Confirmation from the advisor or director of graduate studies that the student is making adequate progress toward the degree and that the student will not be appointed as a GE (including to perform research) during the term of fellowship or traineeship

  3. Name of the training grant and principal investigator or the name of the external fellowship

  4. Individual stipend level, duration of fellowship/traineeship, and stipend distribution schedule

  5. Description of how funds from the training grant or fellowship and institutional dollars are being spent to cover the cost of education (tuition, fees, insurance), including information on how the training grant or fellowship allocates dollars specifically to cost of education

Students are not permitted to submit on their own behalf and should contact their graduate coordinator or director of graduate studies.

Deadline and Approval

Units must submit requests to the Graduate School as follows:

Training Grant/Fellowship Rate Start Term

Deadline for Request


Fall August 1 By September 1
Winter November 1 By December 1
Spring February 1 By March 1
Summer May 1 By June 1

Approval and Set Up

Students for whom the request has been approved by the Graduate School will be forwarded to the student billing. Student billing will apply an amount to offset the non-resident assessment.

The description the student will see on their billing statement is, “Grad Fellow TUI Reduc”

Questions about this program may be addressed to Lisa Howard at 541-346-7632.