GE Notice of Appointment

Completing the Notice of Appointment

Hiring units must complete the appropriate notice of appointment (informally known as a "GE contract") and submit it the Graduate School with a completed Payroll Request Form.

  • To access the current Notice of Appointment forms, click "GE FORMS" in the menu to the left.
    • NOTE: The Graduate School periodically updates the appointment contract PDF forms. All Graduate Coordinators and GE contacts will receive an email when a form has been updated. Please open the form from our website each time you need to use it rather than relying on a cached version. We recommend bookmarking the GE Forms page.

Here are some tips for completing the fields on the form correctly.


Please use the correct, full name of the student (as found in Banner).


The creation date must precede the date of the signatures in order for the form to be valid.


Enter the full name of your department or hiring unit. Do not use acronyms.


This refers to the academic status of the student during the term(s) of the GE appointment. To determine the correct level, please refer to the definitions of the three levels of GE appointment.

Annual Rate

Enter your established annual rate for the appropriate level.

Minimum rates are found on our website.


Usually, this is .20- .49 FTE. See the section on Full Time Equivalency to determine the maximum number of hours per term that a GE can be expected to work.

Total Course Pay (summer teaching contract only)

(Annual Rate/3)x Assigned FTE

Appointment Dates (or “Session/Appointment Dates” on the summer teaching form)

Select the appropriate date range from the pull-down menu. For summer teaching appointments, alternate dates may be used for courses less than 4 weeks in duration. For other appointments, it is possible to appoint GEs using dates other than the provided term dates, but please note that both GE pay and hours will have to be pro-rated accordingly in such cases. Please consult Debbie Davidson if you have questions about using alternate dates.

Monthly Salary

The monthly dollar amount for a range of FTEs based on minimum annual salaries is provided on our website.

For summer teaching appointments, please use the “Summer GE calculator” on the Banner Guide


Select the appropriate duties from the pull-down menu or type in specific assignment information (e.g., Discussion Section Leader for PHIL 211).Because the GE Notice of Appointment does not include a description of duties or expectations, hiring units are encouraged to draft an offer letter or cover letter and a job description to accompany the Notice of Appointment. For samples of the offer letter or cover letter, please contact Laura Jacek.

Please consult your dean's office if the student will have multiple types of work in a given term (e.g., .20 research and .20 teaching in fall quarter) to determine the appropriate assignment.

Course number, credit hours, class start and end dates (summer teaching contract only)

Enter course-specific information here. GEs teaching a sequence of courses should have a PRF and contract for each of the courses they are hired to teach.


All signatures must be in English; the dates must indicate that the department representative signed the contract before the GE. Unless an exception is made, the Graduate School requires contracts with original signatures.





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