Making Changes to a GTF Appointment

Changes in GTF appointments must be documented via an amendment letter (or revised appointment contract) signed by both the department representative and the GTF, as well as a new PRF. Such changes include:
  • Assignment change (e.g., from teaching to research);
  • Modified terms of appointment (e.g., lower FTE, higher annual rate, or extension of the appointment to include additional term(s));
  • Level change (e.g., from GTF II to GTF III when a doctoral student advances to candidacy);
  • Resignation or termination of appointment (including when a student goes on-leave or withdraws from the university; see GTF Resignations  and Terminations).
Amendment Letter
An amendment letter template can be found on the GTF Forms page. The amendment letter should include these basic elements, including the revised/new information:
  • FTE
  • Annual rate
  • Monthly salary
  • The date range (or term(s)) for which the change occurs
Payroll Request Form (PRF)
A revised PRF must accompany the amendment letter or revised appointment contract and be submitted to the Graduate School. Even for changes that do not have a budgetary impact, such as a change from teaching (BUOG9T) to research (BUOG9R), a new PRF is required.
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