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  • The UO and the GTFF met on Friday, Sept. 5, in an effort to finalize a new contract prior to the start of the fall term.  While the parties were unable to reach an agreement, important information was exchanged during mediation.   The UO revised its previous proposals relating to health insurance, salary and absences in an effort to address GTFF concerns. The UO’s new proposed provisions would increase the GTFs’ total compensation package, which, as of last academic year, was valued at $31,...
  • Four theatre troupe members of varying ethnicities and genders stand on stage in front of a white background
    When someone makes a comment that leaves you uncomfortable, you need to know what to say and, more importantly, how to say it. Rehearsals for Life is a graduate student theatre troupe sponsored by the Office of the Dean of Students and the UO Graduate School to give you the necessary tools for dealing with issues of diversity, equity and access on campus. Utilizing scenario-based learning founded on the model of Theatre of the Oppressed and other applied theatre modalities, students develop...
  • The University and the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation engaged in constructive dialogue but failed to reach an agreement on a 2014-2016 collective bargaining contract during a mediation session held Aug. 21. A second session with a mediator appointed by the Employment Relations Board is scheduled for Sept. 5.   Key issues still to be resolved include salary, health benefits and paid leave.   Prior to the start of mediation, the University proposed to increase minimum salaries for Level...
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