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  • The Three Minute Thesis UO Finals are here! This Friday, May 1st, our top ten finalists will compete for the chance to move onto the statewide championship! In three minutes using one slide, graduate students will explain their research to a general, non-academic specific audience and win up to $500 (first place will receive $500 with two runners up receiving $200). Audience members can also participate in the People’s Choice by texting in their vote for their favorite presenter. The three...
  • The Three Minute Thesis Competition continues with its final preliminary round this Friday, April 24th. This Friday's competition determines who will join the winners from April 17th’s round to compete in the UO Finals on May 1st and then in the State Championship on May 16th. When asked about the experience, UO Finalist Brandy Todd said this, "I enjoyed the challenge. Making science accessible is what my research is all about, so being forced to distill it down to just three minutes was an...
  • Short on funds? Graduate School is accepting applications for several 2015-2016 Awards through which up to $59,000 will be awarded. The deadline to apply is April 28, 2015. Information on how to apply can be found here. These awards are available to a variety of graduate students. The Graduate Teaching Excellence Award, grants $1,000 to up to two people and is designed to recognize outstanding teaching performances by experienced graduate teaching fellows (GTFs) who have demonstrated a...
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Fri, August 14, 5:00 pm
Fri, September 4, 5:00 pm
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