GE Work Environment: Best Practices


Article 10 of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement(CBA) contains language dedicated to GE work environment. Hiring units should contact Peter Fehrs (346-2998), Labor Relations Coordinator, if they experience difficulty in following the suggested best practices or meeting the guidelines detailed in the CBA.

The 2006-2008 Collective Bargaining Agreement, via Appendix H Letter of Agreement: Facilities and Services, established "a joint committee to discuss the facilities and services stipulated in Article 10, 'Health, Safety, and Work Environment'." The committee was responsible for "developing suggested guidelines and best practices for departments and hiring units regarding equipment, instructional materials, supplies, and facilities provided or made available to GEs for their assignments." Read the committee's Guidelines for Best Practices.

The following departmental resource documents have been identified by the UO-GTFF Facilities and Services Joint Committee as good examples with regard to content and format. We suggest you review them all as you create your department's resource document for GEs. To request a working document (not a PDF), you may contact the department that created the document.


The 2008 joint committee included 3 representatives of the GTFF and 3 representatives of the University:

  • Dan Andersen, Political Science GE and GTFF departmental steward
  • Alan Dickman, Research Associate Professor, Biology, and Program Director, Environmental Studies
  • Kassy Fisher, Coordinator of Graduate Student Affairs, Graduate School
  • Melissa Hurt, Theater Arts GE and GTFF departmental steward
  • Wayne Manselle, Computer and Information Science GE and GTFF departmental steward
  • Cathy Soutar, Planning Associate/Space Analyst, University Planning



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