GE Labor Distribution

Salary, along with tuition, fees and insurance, are charged to the same index. While tuition, fees and insurance may not be split apart from salary (except in the small number of grants with very specific limitations (see below), units can split the total cost of a GE of the following way:

  • Budget change/JV the appropriate amount of funds from the originating index (FOPA) to the one being charged for the cost of the GE. The unit that is, ultimately, charged for the cost of the GE should be the hiring unit itself (that is, the unit in which the GE is employed).

Here is an example (based on 2009-10 costs) of how each of these options would work:

A GE is hired by Anthropology to teach a course for the Chinese Flagship Program in the Center for Applied Second Language Studies (CASLS) in fall term. Traditionally, CASLS pays the salary, while Anthropology covers the tuition, fees, and health insurance. They have selected a graduate student who is eligible for level 2 pay.

CASLS would identify the salary-- $3530.61 for three months (a .40 FTE at level 2 in Anthropology is $1,160.62/month, plus 1.4%, OPE). This amount would be transferred using a budget change or JV from the CASLS index (FOPA) to the index from which Anthropology will be hiring the GE.


Units may no longer do JVs to move tuition funds and the tuition remission distribution form (also known as GS721) will no longer be used.

If you have an institutional priority or strategic alliance GE, you must note your IP/SA code on the PRF and notice of appointment (also informally called a "appointment contract" or "contract") in order to be reimbursed for tuition, fees, and insurance. The Graduate School will use option 1 above to provide these funds. Similarly, support from the Office of the Vice President for Research must also be well marked on the PRF and then the PRF and appointment contract must be routed through that office in order to be reimbursed for the promised support.

Exceptions: We have identified a small number of grants that either preclude particular types of costs (e.g., tuition) or have cost-share requirements specific to types of costs.  Please contact Phil Davis in BAO Financial Services at 6-3524 or if you have questions about this process. 

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