Increasing the GE Annual Rate

Units wishing to increase the annual rate for all GEs or for GEs at a particular level or levels must notify the Graduate School by email (to of their new rates for levels I, II, and III. The rate increase must be approved by the unit's Dean's Office or the Vice President for non-academic units. If the rate increase occurs prior to the completion of appointment contracts and, subsequently, PRFs, no other step is needed. Please note that annual rates must be in whole-dollar increments and may not be set below the minimum rates established through collective bargaining. If the rate increase occurs after appointment contracts and PRFs have been submitted,  the following process should be used:

1. Open and update the attached GE Annual Rate Increase Disclosure template by listing all GEs in the hiring unit, with their fall FTE and level.

  • Do not use this form to making changes to level or FTE. For appointments that have already been submitted, changes to FTE or level require a new PRF and contract/amendment.
  • Only include those GEs in the unit for whom contracts and PRFs have already been submitted with old rates.

2. Print out the disclosure and obtain the department head's signature.

3. Send the original hard-copy with signatures to the Graduate School and an electronic version of the disclosure to by for approval. The hard-copy will be stored with your unit's appointment contracts.

  • To ensure that the new rates established for the upcoming academic year are processed by September pay day, the disclosure must be submitted no later than August 1.
  • For disclosures submitted after August 1 for the upcoming academic  year, the increase in pay for both September and October will be reflected in the October paycheck.
  • Units may set up across-the-board increases at any time. Please contact the Graduate School for a determination on when requested increases will take effect so your communication to GEs is accurate.

4.  Upon approval, you will receive an e-mail.

5. Announce the new pay rates to all GEs in your unit via e-mail or hard-copy. Save a copy of this announcement for your records.


A Note About Increases to the Minimum Rates:  Prior to the start of a new academic year in which the minimum rates are expected to go up, units with rates very close to but above the minimum rates should compare the new minimum rates to their own rates. If their rates are lower than the new minimum rates, the unit will need to use this process to increase their GEs' pay.

Units that pay at the minimum rates will be given instruction regarding the date from which all appointment contracts and PRFs should reflect the new rates. Contracts and PRFs created prior to this date will be updated by the Graduate School and Payroll Office so that all GEs paid at the minimum rates are paid appropriately.  


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