Get Another Set of Eyes on Your Writing Project from the Retired Professors Network (RPN)

Writing Help: Retired Professor Network

Dear UO graduate students in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences,

Ever wanted to get another set of eyes on your writing projects?

A group of retired UO faculty members have formed the Retired Professor Network (RPN). They have let the Graduate School know that they are offering to read drafts of your writings and to offer suggestions for revision at no cost to you. The UO Graduate School is very appreciative of their offer to help our grad students. Please note this is a volunteer effort on their part, not a guaranteed service of the Graduate School.

Here’s their offer, and how to take advantage of their services:

To UO graduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences,

We are a body of retired professors, largely from the College of Arts and Sciences, who want to assist you in preparing texts relevant to your development as a professional academic. We will not read drafts of master's papers or theses, dissertation chapters, or class assignments, but we will read drafts of CVs, cover letters (for job applications), conference papers, journal articles, and grant proposals.

If you want a reading of a draft, send an email to  Be sure to send your documents in MS Word so the edits can be done in "track changes" and provide the following details in your email:

  1. First and last name
  2. Email address
  3. The kind of text to be read
  4. The length of the text in pages
  5. The time frame within which a reading would be helpful to you
  6. The kind of feedback that would be most useful to you

For CVs send the entire document; for cover letters, send the entire document plus the ad if you are responding to one; for conference papers and journal articles, send no more than 8 pages; for grant proposals, send no more than 5 pages plus an indication of the desired funding agency and the URL for its web page.

While we offer a range of expertise, we do not cover all subjects, topics, approaches, and frameworks, so it may not be possible to match you with someone in our network. If we cannot match you, you will be told so in a timely way. But if there is someone in the network who can assess your draft and make suggestions for improvement, you will be connected to that person.

Always remember to consult with your advisor and committee members about your writing. RPN recommendations are meant only to supplement, never to replace, those of the advisor and committee members, who are your indispensable mentors during your graduate years.

We look forward to working with you.

The Retired Professor Network




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