Reservation of Graduate Credit

Reservation of Graduate Credit/Permission to Register for Graduate Credit

An undergraduate student who wishes to register for a graduate level course must request permission by submitting a Reservation of Graduate Credit form with the Graduate School. The deadline to submit this form is the Wednesday* of Week 1, for the term you plan to enroll in the graduate-level class.

*Effective Fall 2018: deadline to submit changed from the first Friday of Week 1 to the first Wednesday of Week 1.

Two options are available:

Option One permits inclusion of a graduate level course in your bachelor's degree program. Eligibility: Admitted undergraduate status and a GPA of at least a 3.0 in each of the three terms prior to enrolling. Note: An undergraduate student who receives less than a B in a graduate-level course will be ineligible for further enrollment in graduate-level coursework.

Option Two reserves a graduate level course for consideration by a department after admission as a graduate student. Under this option, you may take up to 3 graduate courses. The 3 courses may not exceed a total of 12 credits. Eligibility: Classified as a senior. Have at least a 3.0 GPA in each of the three terms prior to enrolling in the graduate course. Note: An undergraduate student who receives less than a B in a graduate-level course will not be allowed to use the course toward a master's degree, and will be ineligible for further reservation of graduate credit. NOTE: If you are accepted to a UO master's program and wish to use these credits toward your degree, you must transfer them in using the Request for Transfer of Graduate Credit form

Please note: 

  • Community Education Program students and Postbaccalaureate Undergraduates are ineligible for Reservation of Graduate Credit.
  • The following courses do not qualify for either of the above options. These are graduate level experiences in which a student may enroll only after admission and enrollment in a graduate program.
    • Research credits (601);
    • Supervised College Teaching (602);
    • Internship (604);
    • Reading and Conference (605);
    • Field Studies or Special Problems (606);
    • Workshop, Special Topics, or Colloquium (508 or 608); and
    • Practicum, Terminal Project, or Supervised Tutoring (609)
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