GE Hire Documents

In addition to the Notice of Appointment and PRF-- which are submitted to the Graduate School-- there are a number of documents that must be submitted directly to the Payroll Office for those students who are being hired for the first time, for those who are international, and for those who've had a lapse in employment. If you're unsure whether or not hire documents will be required for a particular GE, please contact Keri Bartow, GE Payroll Specialist in the Payroll Office (541-346-1101;

The hire documents are bundled and can be found via the GE section of the HRIS Banner Guide. The GE Pay Packet includes the employee information form (EIF), the PRF, the W-4, I-9 and direct deposit authorization). The International GE Pay Packet also includes the SSA 7028, CO-NRA, and 8233). Also on the Banner Guide, you will find instructions for completing these forms and for how international GEs can obtain social security numbers. 

  • These documents should be completed, printed, signed, and forwarded directly to the Payroll Office.
  • Please bear in mind that the newly-hired GE must present identification in-person in order for the I-9 to be completed.
  • The Payroll Office cannot completely enter a GE appointment into the system until the hire documents are received and up-to-date.
  • The GE Payroll Specialist maintains a spreadsheet on the Banner Guide to track which hire documents have come in and which are still outstanding. Feel free to search the spreadsheet for your GEs to make sure the correct paperwork has been received.
It is important to get the hire documents submitted as early as possible.
  • Blank hire documents should be sent out with the appointment contracts to students. With the exception of the 1-9, they can complete them all and send them back to you. (These can be sent to students electronically also.)
  • Completed hire documents can be sent to Payroll individually.
  • Late I-9 completion (i.e., September 10 or later) will impact the first paycheck and GEs should be reminded of this.
NOTE: Do not forward job applications, resumes/CVs, and offer/cover letters to the Graduate School or Payroll Office.
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