GradWeb Development 2015-2016

GradWeb Changes 2015-2016 Academic Year
Task Description Status
For international applicants, dependents information request will only dropdown when indicating they have dependents. Live 11/18/2015
Add major field, Oregon residency status and other missing fields to the New and Old Data Download. Click here for detailed list of changes. Live 11/18/2015
Provide department ability to upload documents even when department waives the department application. Live 11/18/2015
Increase text size for help message that appears when someone selects "Undeclared" as citizenship status. Live 11/18/2015
Allow departments to communicate with existing applicants en masse from View All screen. Live 2/15/2016
Add View All icon to Online App dashboard. Live 2/15/2016
Reformat Online App > Decisions > Admitted Screen so it shows if applicant recommended for admission has been admitted by Graduate School and, if not, the explanation. Live 2/15/2016
Develop awards module where graduate students can apply through GradWeb for Graduate School awards. Live
Remove Policies section. Live 2/15/2016
E-mail generated to graduate students when apply to graduate will also include login information. Already includes link to website. Live 2/24/2016
Allow multiplie graduate directors and/or graduate coordinators to be added within one department. Live 4/28/2016

Make approval pages in GradWeb printer-friendly:
Advancement Approval
Oral Defense Approval
On-Leave Approval

Add menu option to Oral Defense module titled "Scheduled Oral Defenses" so can view oral defenses that have been confirmed, but have not occurred. Live 4/28/2016


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