University Revises GTF Total Compensation Proposals to Address Concerns

The UO and the GTFF met on Friday, Sept. 5, in an effort to finalize a new contract prior to the start of the fall term.  While the parties were unable to reach an agreement, important information was exchanged during mediation.
The UO revised its previous proposals relating to health insurance, salary and absences in an effort to address GTFF concerns. The UO’s new proposed provisions would increase the GTFs’ total compensation package, which, as of last academic year, was valued at $31,025 to $56,466 for part-time employment.
The UO proposed a new health insurance provision that reflects the UO’s deep commitment to GTFs and their families.  Specifically, the UO agreed to continue paying 95 percent of the insurance premiums for GTFs and their family members and to absorb any increases in premiums that occur next year. The UO’s current offer is as good, if not better, than any of its comparator universities, and we encourage you to take a detailed look here.  Of note, the GTFs' insurance plan includes significant increases in vision and dental coverage, which have already taken effect (as of September 16).
Relating to salary increases, the UO proposed two options: (1) across the board salary increases of 5 percent in year one and 4 percent in year two for all GTFs; or (2) 6.1 percent salary increases for level 1 GTFs in each of the next two years and 3 percent salary increases for levels 2 and 3 over the same time period.  UO’s offer represents the biggest biennial increase in GTF salaries since the 2006-07 contract.
In addition, the UO is also offering ways to maintain benefits and tuition waivers when GTFs are facing challenges associated with extended medical and parental leave situations.  For years, the UO’s departments have worked with GTFs individually to address leave needs, and our proposal will formalize these processes for helping GTFs and their families.
These significant commitments reflect the UO’s value for equitable practices and for flexibility for individual situations that challenge a student’s ability to balance school, work and life.
At this time, neither party has declared impasse.  We understand that the GTFF will hold a membership meeting on Oct. 3.  As we prepare to begin fall term, we will share updates and you can find more information here.


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