Graduate Students: Your Role in the GE Appointment Process

Here is some key information about the GE appointment process, including the role that you, as the employee, play in ensuring that your appointment and benefits are set up in a timely way.

APPOINTMENT CONTRACT: Your department/hiring unit will document the terms of your appointment (start and end date, appointment level, position type, annual and monthly salary, and FTE) on a paper contract. Once the contract is prepared by your department/hiring unit, you will be asked to sign a copy accepting the position. There is a second signature line on the contract (under the heading “Release of Additional Information to the GTFF”) that you should also sign if you plan to use the GTFF health insurance, which is avialable to all GEs (teaching, research and administrative graduate assistants)

Please be sure to review the terms of your contract carefully, then sign and return it to your department as quickly as possible. Also be sure to make or ask for a copy of your signed contract. If you are reviewing and signing your contract remotely (that is, not in-person), consult with your department about the most efficient way to return your signed contract. For example, emailing a legibly scanned copy is acceptable.

HIRE DOCUMENTS: “Hire documents” is the term used to describe the institutionally and federally-required employment eligibility forms required for all employees (I-9, W-4, and Employee Information Form (EIF)) and those required for international employee (SSA 7028, CO-NRA, and 8233).  For a complete list of documents and steps required of international employees, visit our Business Affairs site:

GEs who are new to UO employment, returning to UO employment after a lapse (not counting summer), or who are not US citizens will have to submit one or more of these forms. If your hiring unit does not provide you with these documents, please ask for them. You cannot be put onto university payroll without completing and submitting original copies of these documents.

Specifically, the I-9 must be completed in person and must be accompanied by authorized proof of identification. The UO now offers prospective domestic employees a way to complete the I-9 remotely with the assistance of a notary public or HR rep from another institution. Ask your department about this if you will not arrive in Eugene until September. See the last page of the I-9 form and instructions,, for a complete list of I-9 eligible identification documents.


New (incoming) students must be fully admitted to a graduate program in order to be eligible for appointment. Please be sure to complete all outstanding requirements as advised by your department or the Graduate School as soon as possible. Pending admission will affect our ability to set up your appointment.


Due to the high volume of fall GE appointments, signed contracts that are submitted by your department to the Graduate School for review by July 19 are given priority. The Graduate School reviews all contracts and payroll forms in the order in which they’re received. Then, upon approval, the payroll form is forwarded to the Payroll Office for inputting. It is important to know that only those hire documents and payroll forms that are received by the Payroll Office by September 10, are guaranteed to result in a September 30 paycheck.


Because of the timelines above, if you have outstanding hire documents, have not signed your fall GE appointment contract, or have not been admitted to your graduate program as of September 1, you should consider the possibility that your first paycheck (for September 16-30) may be delayed and that the timely set-up of your benefits may be affected.  See below for details on each. 

Jesse M. Bell Graduate Loan and Fund.  To assist GEs who anticipate their first paycheck may be delayed, the Graduate School offers a loan through which eligible GEs can receive a no-interest, fee-free short-term loan for up to $1,000 or the gross amount the pay for September 16-30. To see if you’re eligible and complete the loan form, visit the Jesse M. Bell Graduate Loan and Fund website.

Tuition and Fee Remission. GEs receive a tuition remission for up to 16 credits in each term of employment. However, GEs must be enrolled in 9+ graduate credits in order to receive the tuition remission. Please register fully and as soon as possible. GEs are responsible for paying $61 of the mandatory fees per term. Late fees and interest will accrue if this is not paid in a timely way.

Outstanding hire documents or a delayed contract could result in the tuition and fee remission not being processed at the time that late fees and interest are assessed.  However, once your GE tuition and fee remission are processed, the associated late fees and interest will be removed.


Financial Aid.  The fall term federal financial aid (e.g., loans) disbursement of GEs whose tuition remission is delayed due to outstanding hire documents or an unsigned/delayed contract may be affected. To reverse the impact on financial aid disbursement, GEs can present a copy of their signed contracts to the Offices of Student Billing or Financial Aid in Oregon Hall.


Insurance Access. GEs who plan to use the GTFF insurance must enroll in the insurance and pay their portion of the premium (5%) in accordance with deadlines set by the GTFF benefits administrator. Payroll deduction of premiums is available (and, in fact, may be preferred by the GTFF). For more information about insurance sign up and benefits, contact the GTFF (541-344-0832 or GEs planning to access the GE insurance should also be sure to sign under ““Release of Additional Information to the GTFF” on their appointment contract, which allows the University to share student information with the GTFF (specifically, your UO ID number).


Insurance eligibility may be delayed due to outstanding hire documents or an unsigned/delayed contract. However, once eligibility is confirmed and the GE has signed up and paid their premium, insurance access is retroactive to the start of the contract (e.g., September 16 for fall term).






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