IS:IP Information for Faculty

Information about Interdisciplinary Studies: Individualized Program for Faculty

The UO’s Interdisciplinary Studies:  Individualized Program (IS:IP) is a master’s program housed within the Graduate School that allows students to develop a framework to  explore their unique academic interests and to work with a faculty committee to pursue and complete their degree. The program is intended to meet the needs of applicants who have particular, well-articulated goals which cannot be reached through established departmental master's degree programs.

Students select classes from three departments, taking at least 15 credits in each department. The three departments can be in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), or from three professional schools, or from a combination of professional schools and CAS departments. (Students wishing to undertake a program using two areas from a single professional school are advised to explore a master's program within that school.) Although considerable flexibility is allowed in the design of a program, in all cases, the curriculum is composed of existing courses from three different departments that offer a sufficient number of graduate level courses.  The IS:IP degree culminates in an integrative terminal project or master's thesis that incorporates the three program areas selected by the student. 

The student identifies three advising committee members, one from each of the three departments. The student should discuss with the committee which of the three members will chair the advising committee. The committee members provide advice about appropriate coursework for the student to take in the faculty member’s respective department. Committee members are also responsible for advising on and approving the terminal project/thesis. The Chair of the advising committee in particular is responsible for directing the progress of the terminal project/thesis. In recognition of the committee members’ service, the Graduate School will provide a stipend paid to committee members’ ASA accounts. While students are progressing towards their degree and enrolled at UO for at least 3 graduate credits, chairs will receive $350/term, while the other committee members receive $200/term.

More details on the IS:IP program are available here:

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