Summer Tuition Waiver

A summer tuition waiver, formerly known as the "Summer Sandwich" tuition waiver, is a benefit extended to students meeting one of three GE appointment criteria. The term "GE" is inclusive of all assignments (teaching, research, administrative).
1. A summer term GE appointment.
No action needed. The tuition waiver will be applied with the appointment.
2. A GE appointment in any two quarters of the preceding academic year (that is, the preceding fall, winter, and spring).
Complete and submit the Summer Tuition Waiver Request by May 10 (or the closest business day) to ensure it is processed before the start of the applicable summer term. Forms will be accepted through September 10 (or the closest business day) following the applicable summer.
3. A fiscal year GE appointment that includes the applicable summer (that is, the dates on the Notice of Appointment are July 1-June 30 and the assignment is for research).
No action needed. The tuition waiver will be applied with the appointment.
The waiver is applicable for up to 16 credits of tuition for classes that will be used to meet degree requirements.
The waiver does not cover fees for self-support courses, courses with irregular fees, or tuition for those courses that are not used toward degree requirements, or courses at other universities.
Additionally, a percentage of the mandatory fees (incidental fee, health fee, technology fee, etc.) are the student's responsibility. Students should consult Article 19, Section 6 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement for more information on their fee responsibility.  

A note for departments and hiring units regarding costs: The cost of this benefit is borne by the relevant hiring unit(s). For summer term GEs and for fiscal year GEs that include the applicable summer, it is paid for by the funding source/hiring unit. For those accessing the benefit under criteria #2 above, the school/college is charged and the dean's office decides how these are paid for.  For technical information, see "Charges for GE Summer Tuition and Insurance". Departments may contact their dean's office or the Office of Budget and Resource Planning with questions.


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