GEs Working Abroad

Required Medical Evacuation Coverage for GEs Working Abroad

Medical evacuation is not only very costly but also complicated to arrange.  Our GEs’ medical coverage includes a benefit called “Assist America”, which provides medical evacuation and other emergency services to GEs who travel more than 100 miles away for up to 90 days. However, for those GEs who are employed at locations 100+ miles from Eugene for periods greater than 90 days, additional coverage is available for purchase. This includes travel outside of the U.S.

GEs are to be provided, at the hiring unit’s expense, extended “Expatriate Coverage” through Assist America prior to their beginning work on behalf of the University for a continuous period greater than 90 days in a  location:

  • that is more than 100 miles from the service network (which includes Oregon as well as Idaho, Montana, and select Washington counties) or
  • from which they cannot access their partner network providers.

To check a particular location’s access to providers before purchasing the additional coverage, visit

Read more about the program and download the “Expat Enrollment” form.


Here’s how to set up the coverage:

  1. Check the worksite/location’s access to providers, If access is limited or not possible, proceed with steps 2 and 3.
  2. Before the GE leaves, the GE submits the “Expat Enrollment” form and pay the fee to sign up for this coverage. If the GE will have accompanying family members who are also insured on their health plan, they may be enrolled as well. The cost is $60/year per individual or $100/year per family.
  3. The hiring unit reimburses the student by Resource Aid Requisition (RAR),, citing account code 55109 (“Medical and Dental Payment for Participant”) on the RAR form.


Faculty or staff members with questions about the RAR process or this provision are welcome to contact (Lisa Howard (, 541-346-7632). Faculty members with questions about using grant funds to provide this coverage should contact their SPS post-award team.


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