Exceptions to the .49 FTE Limit during Summer Term

Under the following conditions, a unit may hire a GE at more than the standard .49 FTE maximum during summer term, up to 1.0 FTE.

  1. There are no other GEs willing, able, or qualified to do the work associated with the additional FTE without exceeding the .49 limit.
  2. The student is making satisfactory progress toward their degree and the additional FTE will not interfere with that progress.
  3. The number of graduate credits in which the student plans to enroll are limited in proportion to the approved FTE. The limits on enrollment are as follows:

FTE Range

Maximum Number of Credits

.20 - .49


.50 - .61


.62 - .74


.75 - .88


.89 - 1.0



Notifying the Graduate School

When hiring a GE at more than .49 FTE in the summer, the department head, graduate program director or GE supervisor must complete and print a Summer FTE Exception Notification Memo and then ensure the memo is submitted to the Graduate School with the appointment contract and PRF.

Before proceeding with a GE hire, it is the responsibility of the hiring unit to ensure that a prospective GE does not have another summer GE appointment. Please be sure to check with the graduate student you anticipate hiring and look in Banner (PWIVERI) before issuing an appointment contract. All summer appointments must be accounted for in the memo.

Notification to the Graduate School is not required when a GE is appointed to teach a single Summer Term course during a session that is less than 12 weeks in length and, as a result of the compressed contract period and working dates, the FTE for one or more pay periods exceeds .49 FTE. Similarly, no approval is required when a lesser FTE,  impacted by compressed contract period and working dates, results in an FTE of greater than 1.0 for one or more pay periods. Staff generating the PRF and appointment contract should note that, in such a case, the "assigned FTE" cited on the appointment contract should reflect the total workload per term for the particular teaching assignment.

Questions about this policy or process should be addressed to Jered Nagel (jnagel@uoregon.edu; 541-346-2802).


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