Graduate Specializations

Our list of graduate specializations will connect you to requirements, deadlines, and the next steps to apply to your specific program.

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ProgramOpen to:
African StudiesAll Disciplines
Architecture—Architectural TechnologyMaster's students in architecture and interior architecture
Architecture—HousingMaster's students in architecture
Architecture—Interior ArchitectureMaster's students in architecture
Architecture—Historic PreservationMaster's students in architecture
Architecture—Urban Architecture and Urban DesignMaster's students in architecture
Asian StudiesAll disciplines except Asian studies
Biology—NeuroscienceDoctoral students in biology and psychology
Business Administration—Advanced Leadership and StrategyBusiness Administration (Oregon MBA, Eugene only)
Business Administration—Finance and Securities AnalysisBusiness Administration (Oregon MBA, Eugene only)
Business Administration—Innovation and EntrepreneurshipBusiness Administration (Oregon MBA, Eugene only)
Business Administration—Sports BusinessBusiness Administration (Oregon MBA, Eugene only)
Business Administration—Sustainable Business PracticeBusiness Administration (Oregon MBA, Eugene only)
Educational Data ScienceAll disciplines
English—Politics, Culture, IdentityPhD students in all disciplines
Environmental Conflict — Climate ChangeAll disciplines
Environmental Conflict — Land UseAll disciplines
Environmental Conflict — WaterAll disciplines
Folklore and Public CultureAll disciplines
Food StudiesAll disciplines
Performing Arts ManagementMaster's students in arts management
Psychology—NeuroscienceDoctoral students in biology and psychology
Quantitative Research MethodsDoctoral students in all disciplines
Regional and International ConflictAll disciplines
Spanish Language Psychological Service and ResearchStudents in counseling psychology, couples and family therapy, and school psychology
Translation StudiesAll disciplines