2014 - 2015 GradWeb Improvements

What’s New?

  1. Shibboleth/Duckweb ID Login
  2. Graduate Specializations Added to Advanced Degree Application
  3. Doctoral Committee nomenclature changes
  4. Oral defense videoconferencing attendance option added for relevant committee members


What improvements occurred during 2014-2015?

GradWeb Changes 2014-2015 Academic Year
Task Description Status
On-Leave changes - obtaining medical documentation, etc. Complete - Live
Add following questions to Graduate School application: Preferred First Name, Pell Grant eligibility, first-generation student question, GPA. For international applicants - Visa status, name as appears on passport, undeclared citizenship classification for undocumented domestic applicants. Add fields to Data Download. Click here for more details.

Applicant & department view - Live

Data Download & Banner Upload - Live

Expand fee waiver program administered through GradWeb. Complete - Live
Default for applications deadlines will be closed, not open Complete - Live
Re-configure setup of Checklist Complete - Live
Add a new setting in the configuration page that allows departments to switch back to the default set of recommendation questions from a custom set they may have created. Complete - Live
GradWeb "Application Submitted" will be similar to that of the "Personal Info page completed" e-mail, where displays more detailed information including applicant name, login, etc. Complete - Live
When character limit set for questions in the department application, the error message will indicate the character limit. Complete - Live
On applicant dashboard for in progress applications, indicate Department to which they are applying, and term. Already shows for completed applications. Complete - Live
Ability to download View All screen to Excel Complete - Live
Ability for Decision Support Tool to show admit decision. Complete - Live
Prevent cross-pollination of data from happening when opening multiple applications in one browsers - applies to both applicants and department.

Complete/Live - Applicants

In Progress - Departments

GradWeb Server Migration Complete
Re-format Configuration Page: View list of changes here. Complete - Live
Add numbers to the Order Questions screen of the departmental application that line up with the Edit Questions numbers. Complete - Live
Allow all functions available from View All to show up on the individual app (Update Admit Status, Edit App, Assign Students, Submit Decisions, Deny Selected, Waitlist, Mark Completed, Mark Viewed). Complete - Live
For Override Department App and Manage Deadlines > View Overrides, display last name first name and first name in addition to login name. Make list sortable by last name. Complete - Live
Add faculty comments to the detailed ratings report. Complete - Live
Enable customized questions for the faculty application review/decision module (ability to make customizable questions for admission committee members). Complete - Live
Ability to save a Decision Support Tool template, so can pull the same information for future terms. Complete - Live
Remove security code requirement for faculty members confirming oral defense attendance. Complete - Live
Advancement will no longer include the question, "Does the student have an approved program of study?" Complete - Live
Develop data download for In Progress Applications Complete - Live
Redesign Advancement workflow. Complete - Live
Rename Menu Option Links. Click here for details. Complete - Live



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