2013-2014 GradWeb Improvements

What’s New?

  1. Shibboleth/Duckweb ID Login
  2. Graduate Specializations Added to Advanced Degree Application
  3. Doctoral Committee nomenclature changes
  4. Oral defense videoconferencing attendance option added for relevant committee members

What improvements occurred during 2013-2014?

GradWeb Changes 2013-2014 Academic Year  
Item Description Status
Online Application  
Improve performance of Decision Support Tool Complete
Allow department application override to allow some applicants to skip the department app and letters of recommendation Complete
Remove "Area of Specialization" from the academic history page and let departments create a similar question on their department app Complete
Fix Bug: When faculty open a decision screen and don't save anything, it automatically inserts a 0. Complete
Convert files from Word to .pdf at original upload but retain the original version Complete
Fix Bug: Don't overwrite the notes when assigning multiple apps from the view all screen Complete
Put in confirmation when removing/replacing files Complete
In the letter of recommmendation page, get rid of the "upload" button. It will auto-upload when selecting a file. Also will do this in the department upload process (Additional Docs, Departmental App). Complete
Admissions Checklist - Add the ability to access uploaded transcripts here, just like the Statement of Purpose and Writing Samples Complete
Fix Bug: Footer problem with full .pdf files - upside down Complete
Add Referee - Will now include the "do not send" check box, like the one that appears on the page after each referee name in the applicant's view Complete
Add a "Select All" box at the top of the selection boxes on list pages Complete
Change all lists displays to be consistent with one another and to compliment raw data dumps - (LFM, separated) Complete
Include the last login date in the Excel download from the IN Progress apps report Complete
Other Modules  
Doctoral Committee nomenclature changes:
a. Member = Core Member
b. Outside Member = Institutional Represenative
Oral Defense - Add "Videoconferencing" as an attendance option for the following types of committee members:
a. Co-Chair (will only allow the student to select this for one of the co-chairs)
b. Core Member (will require one core member to physically attend)
c. Institutional Representative
Advanced Degree - Add two "slots" for Graduate Specializations Complete
GradWeb Server Migration In Progress
Shibboleth/Duck ID credential login Complete


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