Raymund Fellowship


All doctoral programs have the opportunity to nominate up to two exceptionally talented prospective students for consideration as recipients for the 2018 Raymund Fellowship. Fellows will be chosen on the basis of their outstanding academic achievement, while also considering educational, geographic, gender, racial/ethnic, and other forms of diversity. An interdisciplinary committee of faculty from across the University of Oregon chaired by the Dean of the Graduate School will review departmental nominations and select 10-12 Raymund Fellows from the most talented new students applying to PhD programs at the University of Oregon.

The Raymund Fellowships will provide each recipient with a $20,000 stipend and will also cover required student fees and student insurance. The Graduate School will provide a full tuition waiver for each student.  

Raymund Fellows will receive four additional years of support in the form of graduate employee appointments as either teachers or lab researchers. The University of Oregon (or external grants) will fund these additional years of support.

The benefits of being a Raymund Fellow extend beyond the financial support. Fellows will have opportunities to participate in unique peer-learning opportunities, adding further distinction to the honor of being selected as a Raymund Fellow. These opportunities include discussing important topics with other Raymund Fellows, faculty advisors, and interdisciplinary scholars from across the UO campus. The Raymund Fellows will also have an opportunity to meet with the benefactor of this award, Steven Raymund.

Fellows will get opportunities to participate in workshops on communicating their scholarship, networking, leadership skills, transferable skills for non-academic careers, and best practices in teaching, along with other professional development opportunities designed to yield rich and unique learning opportunities with their peers.


Graduate Programs will support the mission of the Raymund Fellows Program where possible and encourage the fellows’ participation in activities such as the interdisciplinary research talks and professional development programs.


Fellows will be expected to develop an Individual Development Plan (IDP) with their advisor by the end of their first year of Graduate School. At the end of each academic year, each Raymund Fellow, his/her advisor (if applicable), and the Director of Graduate Studies from the Fellow’s home department will be asked to report on the Fellow's academic performance and progress. Our expectation is that Fellows will achieve at the highest academic level and be among the most successful graduate students within the University.

Nomination Process:

Nominations for Fall 2018 Raymund Fellows are submitted by doctoral departments and are due 1 pm, Wednesday February 21st, 2018. All nomination materials must be received by the deadline to be considered. Students must have been admitted by a UO doctoral graduate program to be considered.

Nomination Materials:

  • Departments nominating a prospective fellow should respond to the following nomination questions:
    • Explain the fit of your nominee with your program, particularly how their personal history/qualities and/or diverse background will enhance the program’s quality and contribute in a unique way to disciplinary knowledge.
    • Describe how this applicant, more so than other applicants, will raise the profile and prestige of their degree program and the University of Oregon.
    • From a holistic perspective, describe how this nominee’s achievements, their potential to advance knowledge in the discipline, and their potential to contribute to a specific, desired societal outcome makes them uniquely qualified to become a Raymund Fellow.
    • If submitting two nominees, please rank your first and second choice.
    • The portal for nominations can be accessed via Grad Web.
    • Instuctions for submission can be found here.


Application evaluation

The various factors used in judging the merit of each applicant will focus on the evidence in the application that demonstrates the prospective student’s preparedness to contribute to the scholarly work of their discipline and society, and not solely on grade point average, or reference letters.



Nomination Deadline:

Notification by:

Round 1

1 pm, Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Friday, March 2nd, 2018


For a list of our 2017-2018 Raymund Fellows, click here.

Eligibility Criteria: 
Students must have been admitted by a UO doctoral graduate program
Department Nomination Required: 
Award Amount: 
Number of Awards: 
Award Deadline: 
Wednesday, February 21, 2018 - 1:00pm
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