Writing and Submitting the Dissertation

Writing and Submitting the Dissertation
A dissertation is a substantial document presenting independent research which makes a contribution to the current body of knowledge in a scholarly field. The author may conduct an original investigation or develop an original interpretation of existing research and/or literature. A dissertation adheres to a standard format, generally including five basic chapters or divisions: an introduction and statement of the problem, a review of the literature pertinent to the problem, an explanation of the materials and methods used to solve the problem, a discussion of results, and a conclusion. A formal bibliography of references cited in the dissertation is also required. A dissertation must be formatted to conform to the University of Oregon Thesis and Dissertation Style and Policy Manual.  The dissertation is presented to the Graduate School, recorded on the student's transcript, and forwarded to the UO Libraries for cataloging and shelving.
There are both departmental and Graduate School requirements for successfully completing a dissertation. The student is responsible for requesting information from the major school or department about the various steps involved and the standards expected by the department.
Dissertation Submission Procedures and Requirements
For a list of dissertation submission procedures and requirements, please see the Thesis and Dissertation page.
Dissertation Archival

All University of Oregon dissertations are submitted to ProQuest and then delivered to the University of Oregon Libraries.  ProQuest is a dissertation/thesis service responsible for keeping a scholarly record of doctoral and master's recipients worldwide. 

ProQuest is recognized as the publisher, cataloger, and marketer of doctoral dissertations. ProQuest also offers copyrighting services. For more information, visit www.il.proquest.com

In addition to the ProQuest copy, copies of your dissertation and related files are forwarded to the UO Libraries. The UO Libraries archives the dissertation with any related files and makes them available through the university's institutional repository, Scholars' Bank. For more information, visit http://scholarsbank.uoregon.edu.

Other Degree Requirements
Required Research Compliance
All graduate students using human or animal subjects in their research for a thesis, project or dissertation must obtain permission (and a protocol number) from the appropriate office to be in compliance with university and federal guidelines.  See Research Clearance for more details.

On Leave
You are allowed six (6) regular academic terms of On Leave when you are neither using University facilities nor consulting with faculty.

Please remember: failure to register for credit, or be officially approved for on-leave status means that you have given up your Graduate School standing. Subsequent return to your program may require the re-taking of comprehensive examinations and another year of residency.
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