Salary and Benefits: Info for GTFs

In each term of a GTF appointment, the student will receive:



The UO and the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation (GTFF) establish minimum salary rates through collective bargaining for each level of appointment. Some units elect to pay above these rates. Salary is based on the Full Time Equivalent (FTE). Salaries are paid monthly. For example, a GTF with a fall appointment, appointed September 16-December 15, will receive salary for September 16-30 at the end of September, salary for October 1-31 at the end of October, salary for November 1-30 at the end of November, and salary for December 16-30 at the end of December.

Minimum GTF Salaries, 2014-15 MONTHLY GROSS SALARY BY FTE
Level I Level II Level III
Annual Rate  $      26,151  $      29,534  $      31,191
0.20 FTE  $      581.13  $      656.31  $      693.13
0.25 FTE  $      726.42  $      820.39  $      866.42
0.30 FTE  $      871.70  $      984.47  $  1,039.70
0.35 FTE  $  1,016.98  $  1,148.54  $  1,212.98
0.40 FTE  $  1,162.27  $  1,312.62  $  1,386.27
0.45 FTE  $  1,307.55  $  1,476.70  $  1,559.55
0.49 FTE  $  1,423.78  $  1,607.96  $  1,698.18
Minimum GTF Salaries, 2015-16 MONTHLY GROSS SALARY BY FTE
Level I Level II Level III
Annual Rate  $      27,459  $      31,011  $      32,751
0.20 FTE $610.20 $689.13 $727.80
0.25 FTE $762.75 $861.42 $909.75
0.30 FTE $915.30 $1,033.70 $1,091.70
0.35 FTE $1,067.85 $1,205.98 $1,273.65
0.40 FTE $1,220.40 $1,378.27 $1,455.60
0.45 FTE $1,372.95 $1,550.55 $1,637.55
0.49 FTE $1,494.99 $1,688.38 $1,783.11

**Minimum GTF salaries for Academic Year 16-17 are not yet available. These are being set in bargaining, and may not be available until after the start of Fall term. Please submit 16-17 PRFs with current rates. When rates are set for the new academic year, the rates will be updated in the system by payroll; you will not need to submit a corrected PRF.**

Tuition and Fees

  • Each GTF receives a tuition waiver for 9-16 credit hours per term. GTFs are responsible for payment of tuition for credits exceeding 16.

  • All students are assessed non-instructional mandatory fees set by the Oregon University System (OUS), of which each GTF is responsible for paying $61 per quarter during the academic year. These fees are not covered for GTFs during the summer term.

  • Some courses (e.g., self-support courses) are assessed fees in lieu of tuition. These courses are not covered by the GTF tuition waiver unless they are required by the graduate degree program.

  • GTFs are required to pay their portion of the mandatory student fees on time each term.  Those paying after the deadline will be assessed interest.  Students may make the minimum payment cited on the billing statement; remaining installments will be subject to interest and billing charges.  To review student account and billing information, visit the Business Affairs web site.

  • All new graduate students are assessed a matriculation fee. For students who have a GTF appointment in their first term, the matriculation fee is waived.

  • To see the current year's tuition and fee rates, visit the Registrar's website. To see previous year's tuition and fee rates, visit the OUS website (

  • Summer Sandwich Tuition Waiver: Graduate students who meet specific GTF-related criteria may access summer tuition waivers without a work obligation known as a "Summer Sandwich".


Health Insurance

  • GTFs have access to GTF-specific insurance during each term of appointment. The insurance is administered by the GTFF. GTFs must sign up for the insurance directly with the GTFF at the start of each GTF appointment contract period. For example, if you have a GTF appointment for all year, you should sign up in fall; if you have a winter-only appointment, sign up for just winter term.

  • For all GTFs (fall, winter, spring and summer), the UO pays 95% of the insurance premium for students with GTF appointments. This includes GTFs with dependents. See the GTFF website for specific GTF-paid premium amounts.

  • During the summer term, students who are not GTF employees in the summer may be eligible for the GTF insurance. Those who are not summer GTFs but who held an appointment in the previous spring term may receive premium coverage subsidized at 80%. Students who have graduated in spring term or who have left the university at the end spring term are not eligible for this benefit.

  • Spring GTFs must either have a Summer GTF position, or be continuing enrollment or an approved leave of absence in their graduate program during the following Fall term, in order to qualify for Summer GTF insurance.

  • To sign up for insurance or to find out more about premium costs and  insurance benefits, GTFs are encouraged to contact the GTFF Benefits Administrator (Glenn Morris,; 541-344-0832). Hiring units should contact the Graduate School (541-346-2849) with insurance-related questions.

  • Graduate students who are not GTFs are eligible for student insurance, available through the Health Center. International students must be insured through the GTF plan, student plan, or an approved outside plan.

  • Because eligibility for GTF insurance is based on employment status, graduate students are eligible for GTF continuation insurance (COBRA) in 18 months that follow the end of a GTF appointment. Contact the GTFF for more information

  • All graduate students, including GTFs, are encouraged to use the University Health Center, which offers a comprehensive menu of services conveniently and at low-cost (most visits cost $10). The Health Center does not bill insurance at this time.




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