2013-14 Graduate School Honorees

Promising Scholars

The University of Oregon Graduate School administers more than a dozen non-service fellowships and awards annually, resulting in the support of over 60 students for the 2013-14 academic year. These awards, most of which are donor or foundation supported, include non-service stipends ranging from $500 to $18,000 per year and, in some cases, tuition support. We are pleased to honor this year’s fellowship and award recipients.

Betty Foster McCue Scholarship for Human Development and Performance

  • Lindsey Brown, Counseling Psychology
  • Erin Darlington, Counseling Psychology
  • Naomi Knoble, Counseling Psychology
  • On-Yee Lo, Human Physiology

Dan Kimble First Year Teaching Award

  • Andres Guzman, Sociology
  • Alison Lau, English

Donald and Darel Stein Graduate Teaching Award

  • Tyler Kloefkorn, Mathematics
  • Yvonne Toepfer, Comparative Literature

Gary Smith Summer Professional Development Award

  • Holly Arnold, Biology
  • Angelita Chavez, Political Science
  • Zhou Chen, Psychology
  • Fulden Ibrahimhakkioglu, Philosophy
  • Lauren Joiner, Music
  • Nicole Lawless, Psychology
  • Rose Maier, Psychology
  • Sandra Mefoude Obiono, Romance Languages
  • Paul Olejarczuk, Linguistics
  • Annissa Olsen, Music

Iain More Stellar Scholar Award

  • Sylvia Shaykis, Counseling Psychology

International Scholar Award

  • Ritendra Magar, International Studies
  • Pooria Manoochehri, Arts Management
  • Eduardo Martins Moreira, Music

Margaret McBride Lehrman Fellowship

  • Blessing Abbah, Conflict and Dispute Resolution and Public Administration
  • Zanne Miller, Couples and Family Therapy
  • Maria Thomas, Creative Writing

Margaret Weise Award

  • Chithira Vijayakumar, Environmental Studies

Promising Scholar Award

  • Quinn Akina, History
  • Maria Aldana-Rogers, Romance Languages
  • Jared Ambrose, Couples and Family Therapy
  • Derrick Bines, Counseling Psychology
  • Daryn Blanc-Goldhammer, Psychology
  • Alejandra Cebreros, International Studies
  • Rucha Chandvankar, Anthropology
  • Timothy Chen, Environmental Studies
  • Davita-Christine Flowers-Shanklin, Environmental Studies
  • Bianca Fontes, Education Studies
  • Brantly Fulton, Chemistry
  • Patrick Greiner, Sociology
  • Stephanie Kramer, Psychology
  • Meredith Lancaster, Art History
  • Ulysses Loken, Music
  • Daniel P. Lopez, Art
  • Nathan Mathabane, Geological Sciences
  • Gabriella McDaniel, Environmental Studies
  • Alyssa Ogi, Creative Writing
  • Evelyn Perdomo, Community and Regional Planning
  • Hannah Pruse, Computer and Information Science
  • Jaleel Reed, Environmental Studies
  • Amala Shetty, Counseling Psychology
  • Alec Smidt, Psychology
  • Kara Wang, Creative Writing
  • Ming Wen, Creative Writing
  • Rachel Widomski, Art
  • Catherine Woods, Counseling Psychology

OUS Sylff Fellowship for International Research

  • Farhad Bahram, Art
  • Audrey Medina, Counseling Psychology
  • Senyo Ofori-Parku, Communication and Society

Southeast Asian Studies Award

  • Mu-Lung Hsu, Anthropology
  • Intan Suwandi, Sociology

UO Doctoral Research Fellowship

  • Andrew Pokorny, Music
  • Sarah Praskievicz, Geography
  • Mi Zhao, History

UO Public Impact Fellowship

  • Lindsay Naylor, Geography
  • Geoff Ostrove, Communication and Society

UO and External Award Recipients

The Graduate School also provides financial support and/or coordination for a number of UO and external awards and honors. We congratulate the recipients of these as well.

Doris Duke Fellowship for the Promotion of Child Well-Being

  • Amanda Van Scoyoc, Psychology

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship

  •  Ha Beom Kim, Anthropology

Fulbright Scholarship

  • Ngan Ta, International Studies

Center for Study of Women and Society Jane Grant Fellowship

  • Miriam Abelson, Sociology

Laurel Internships at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art and the UO Museum of Natural and Cultural History

  • Helen Blackmore, Historic Preservation
  • Stephen Dobinrich, Community and Regional Planning
  • Carrie Morton, Arts Management
  • Nori Rice, Arts Management

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

  • Joshua Bahr, Biology
  • Ashley Bateman, Biology
  • Ann Greenaway, Chemistry
  • Laurel Hiebert, Biology
  • Lauren Kahn, Psychology
  • Alexander Kendall, Chemistry
  • Jordan Livingston, Psychology
  • John O’Connor, Anthropology
  • Hannah Pruse, Computer and Information Science
  • Jimena Santillan, Psychology
  • Andrew Vandegrift, Biology
  • Andrea Yocom, Physics

Oregon Humanities Center Graduate Dissertation Fellowship

  • Mary Ganster, English
  • Chet Lisiecki, Comparative Literature
  • Aaron Rodriguez, Philosophy

Wayne Morse  Center for Law and Politics Dissertation Fellowship

  • Gregory Liggett, Political Science
  • Jeremy Strickler, Political Science
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