Summer Sandwich Tuition Waiver


A summer tuition waiver, formerly known as the "Summer Sandwich" tuition waiver, is a benefit extended to students in one of the following three circumstances:

  1. Have a fiscal year GTF appointment that includes the summer in question (i.e., one appointment for July 1-June 30);
  2. Have a GTF appointment in any two quarters of the preceding academic year; or
  3. Have a summer term GTF appointment.


The tuition waiver is applicable, for up to 16 credits, for all classes that will be used to meet requirements for the degree except those classes with irregular fees. The waiver does not cover self-support courses. Mandatory fees (incidental fee, health fee, technology fee, etc.) are the student's responsibility.

The cost of this benefit is borne by the hiring unit(s). Departments may contact BRP with questions.


Students meeting item 1 or 3 above (those with a summer GTF appointment) need not complete the request.

For students meeting item 2 above, the Request for Summer Sandwich Tuition Waiver (under revision) must be completed and submitted to the Graduate School.

Completed forms received by the first Friday in May will be processed before the start of summer term. Forms will be accepted through September 15.

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