Graduate Student Research Forum 2014

SAVE THE DATE: Friday, March 7, 2014

Engagement: Community, Creativity, Connections

5th Annual Graduate Student Research Forum
Community- Engage as a member in the University or Oregon community of scholars and present your research in front of an audience of graduate students, faculty, undergraduate students, and the Eugene community.
Creativity- Engage your creative side by presenting an exhibit or performance. Or, think creatively about how to present your research as engagingly as possible.
Connections- Engage with community and industry partners who are hosting roundtable discussions on a variety of career and professional development topics. Make connections with students and faculty across disciplines by participating in an interdisciplinary panel or attending the noon poster session.

Students can participate in one of four ways. Select the links below to open the submission form:

  1. Present a paper to become part of an interdisciplinary panel session to be organized by the Graduate School.
  2. Propose an interdisciplinary panel session of your own.
  3. Participate in the poster session.
  4. Present a creative work (exhibit, performance, reading, etc.).  


The deadline to submit a proposal: Friday, November 15, 2013.


About the Research Forum

The first Graduate Student Research Forum was held in April 2010 in response to requests from graduate students for more opportunities for interdisciplinary intellectual exchange and networking. The Graduate School is committed to providing ongoing opportunities for our graduate students to both share some of the incredible intellectual work going on at the University, and have the chance to engage with their peers’ research. Interdisciplinary, cross-unit forums like this are an ideal setting for learning, research collaboration, and professional development.

To find out more about our 2010 Research Forum, "Crossing Borders", our 2011 Research Forum, "Thinking Big: Graduate Research Making a Difference", our 2012 Research Forum, "Research Matters", or our 2013 Research Forum "Research for Tomorrow" click on the links for each year.

The Research Forum is an annual event open to the public, graduate students and faculty members, and other members of the UO community.

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