About GradWeb

What is GradWeb?

GradWeb is a customizable web-based software designed to meet the specific needs of graduate education and administration. GradWeb automates graduate school processes and provides for electronic interaction between the Graduate School, departments, students, faculty, Office of Admissions, and the Office of the Registrar. The system includes:

  • Applications process management
  • Doctoral process management
  • Degree completion process management
  • Surveys and Analytics
  • Systems and Process Administration
  • Technical Solutions and Support

How did it start?

For nearly a decade the Graduate School used a software system called "Doc Comm" on a standalone Mac to store information about doctoral students and their associated academic processes. While working with current GTF Asif Suria to address the Y2K bug, the assistant dean Toby Deemer expressed her vision of a web-based system such as GradWeb. Using Toby’s decades of experience in the Graduate School and Asif’s IT skills, they began to develop GradWeb in February of 2001.

How long has the University of Oregon used GradWeb?

The first version of GradWeb, consisting of the doctoral modules "Advancement to Candidacy," "Doctoral Committees," and "Oral Defense", was rolled out in 2001. The "Admissions" module was released in the second half of 2001, and the "Advanced Degree" and "Exit Questionnaire" modules were rolled out in early 2002. GradWeb has been in continuous use for over 12 years. The Admissions module was updated in 2012. Additional updates are made each year.

How is GradWeb funded?

GradWeb maintenance and annual improvements are solely funded by the Graduate School.

How do I make suggestions and what happens to the suggestions I make?

You can make suggestions by phone (541-346-5134), e-mail (gradsch@uoregon.edu), or by using our webform. All requests are collected througout the year and the Graduate School reviews and prioritizes requests annually. The GradWeb PIT crew, a group of representative users from the campus community, asssit in providing feedback and prioritization of requests.

How do I access GradWeb?

Please use your Duck ID credentials (the same information used to login to your e-mail) to login to GradWeb.

Department Staff: https://gradweb.uoregon.edu/main/main.asp

Faculty: https://gradweb.uoregon.edu/main/mainFaculty.asp

Current Students: http://gradweb.uoregon.edu/main/mainStudent.asp

What’s New?

  1. Updated Admissions Checklist
  2. Decision Support Tool Improvements
  3. Advancement Workflow Redesigned/Simplified

What’s the status of the improvements for this cycle?

GradWeb Changes 2017-2018 Academic Year

Task Description



Add state mandated sexual orientation/gender questions to grad app & information about why they are collected.


Online App


Revamp application fee waiver process so all materials/info must be approved first before can get approved for fee waiver.


Online App


Develop function for departments to hide/reveal inactive questions from the Edit Questions tab of the departmental application.

Online App


Develop a more comprehensive confirmation page for recommenders when they submit letter of recommendation for applicant. Also develop a confirmation email for recommenders.

Online App


Streamline letter of recommendation module for recommenders by removing unnecessary fields including address.

Online App


Modify department application by only showing "hide" option in Select Questions for question types that don’t require a user response.

Online App


Create ability for departmental persons with access to multiple majors to make transfer letters of recommendations and ratings from one application to another, but only if the questions are not customized and only between majors to which the admin has access.

Online App


Provide ability for department to revoke admission committee assignments, even when only one committee has been assigned to an application. This way, a department can remove the application from the faculty view, without erasing associated data.


Online App


Add ability to save 1 email in In Progress Apps for every major department administrative contact has access to, not just one across all majors.

Online App


Change automatic removal of term from 30 days prior to term beginning, to 15 days prior.


Online App


Add ability for department to specify a co-advisor (by providing their faculty id) in the advancement application. The co-advisor can then view the application but there won’t be any approve option for them and the routing process will remain the same as it is now.



Add standard deviation of the ratings to ratings report.

Online App


Add functionality in GradWeb to send notification to departments when someone is admitted by the Grad School. Department will have ability to turn this off or on in Dept App Configuration.


Online App


Applicants will be included on emails when sending “Declaration of Graduate Certificate Required” notification email from Grad School.


Online App


Develop system so application to graduate with specializations ALSO filters by degree (not just major)


Advanced Degree


Add ability to copy graduate coordinators on award emails that go to recommenders and nominators so department can upload documents for in progress applications. Departments will have the ability to turn this on/off.




Publicize a date by which award nominations and letters of recommendation have to be received.




Provide department with ability to archive award applications & have archive applications list.




What improvements have been made in the past?

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